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Russell 1

 Well, okay, I need to apologise to those few people who were brave enough to follow my initial attempt to blog. I think my soul was sucked into the void of cyberspace. Anyway, it was very fuzzy for a long, long time.

So I’m back, but this time I’ll do things a little differently. For starters, this blog site will now be taken over by someone from another world – a small, green and somewhat cantankerous goblin historian. Yes, goblins do have historians though I believe they’re rather rare. Anyway, his name is Nerly Tru.

Please, no jokes about his name. I’m sure he’s heard them all before and like most goblins he’s not very fond of humans.

Goblins normally rely on good old word-of-mouth, tales handed down through the ages. Many favourites are repeated word for word generations later. But even goblins can’t remember everything and some of them remember very little after a dozen ales at the evening gather.

So Nerly’s ancestors began the tradition of ensuring their stories were written down for posterity. Nerly himself is interested in the history and cultures of many worlds.

But I’ll let him tell his histories, beginning with the chronicles from his own world.

Meanwhile, I’ll work on my other site, http://www.russellcornhill.wordpress.com, maybe rave on about writing in general, probably experiment a little with a few short stories, and maybe even give a few pearls of wisdom about the meaning of life.

Now there’s a good way to turn people off.