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Humans! I have to talk with humans. Huh, only because the gods wish it.

So, they want me to tell you about my world. Do they really think humans will learn from the story? Look at your own history. Sometimes the gods can be so…

Yes, I’m from another world and I’m a goblin. The Goblin Chronicles will tell the tale of my world if I can ever get that scribe to do some work. Unfortunately, most goblins aren’t that fond of writing, or reading. We’re more about talking and listening.

Did you hear that humans – listening?

How are you reading this if I’m from another world? Magic, of course. Not goblin magic. Most goblins don’t have magic. No, this is god magic, the same magic that almost destroyed our world.

That was the Clysm, and, apart from some notes by one of my ancestors, the beginning of our recorded history.

The Clysm. Sometimes the gods can be so…

Ah well, if you want to learn more about the Clysm, go to the Goblin Chronicles page for my treatise.