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Rursus-Goblin-997 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Yes, goblins are green. I could never understand why the humans left on Langamich after the Clysm thought it was so funny. Not that their jokes were very funny.

And who are you humans to joke about colour? So many different colours yourselves and not one of them remotely attractive. Perhaps that’s why you insist on dressing in such finery – to hide the drab colour of your skin.

Not all goblins are the same shade of green – not like our distant ancestors before the Clysm – but we’re still basically green. Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to be different. Purple with pink spots, perhaps? Or every colour of the rainbow like the huge chaos butterflies and when they flutter their wings at a certain speed, they disappear. Or every tribe of goblins could be a different colour, like the magical dragons.

Ah, we’re just green.

There is a theory that it acts as camouflage as we move through the mountain forests but the goblins at the time of the Clysm lived along the coastal plains of Sharmich and I believe that it was the same on the other continent of Teramich.

Perhaps circumstances forced them down to the coast, much as, during the time of the Chronicles, we were slowly forced across the continent to the western mountains. Perhaps it was part of the reason the gods felt compelled to act.

But I digress. If you humans really want to learn about the typical goblin, than you need to read my treatise.

I should explain before you read the treatise ‘A Typical Goblin‘. A certain human who dares to call himself a writer suggested that I use too many adjectives and that I sometimes repeat myself.

Maybe I overreacted.