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Humans strive so hard for prestige and honours and the respect of other humans. Goblins don’t care about that.

Humans work so hard to accumulate wealth, power and possessions. Goblins don’t care about that.

Humans denigrate others of their race because they are a different colour or have a different religion or political belief. Goblins never do that.

The few very rich humans get richer and richer while the many very poor humans get poorer and poorer. Goblins don’t even have money.

Many humans party all night, eat huge repasts and drink lots of alcoholic beverages. Goblins love to do that. Actually, we don’t party all night because we usually pass out well before morning.

Ah, this is a waste of time. If you humans really want to learn more about goblin behaviour, read my treatise, ‘The Goblin Creed’ in ‘The Goblin Chronicles’.