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They sent me back. Again! Sometimes the gods can be so…

Worst of all, they expect me to talk with you.

Well, I’ve made an effort, and with surprising results. Apart from those that ran away, most people I spoke with were reasonable, some were even pleasant company. Yes, one or two were strange and one was, well, weird might be the best word, but, on the whole, one on one, I have to admit that I like people.

But I still hate the human race.

You are still acting in the same ways that forced the gods to kick you off our planet. Yes, you got that part of the legend right. Unfortunately, you got almost everything else wrong, though that may have been a side-effect of the god-magic. More likely it is a simple reflection of the way you think.

For over 400 years you’ve known that the Earth isn’t the centre of your solar system and I believe the idea has been around for a lot longer than that.

So why do you still think that the human race is the centre of the universe?

Gee! Some of you even think the whole place was created just for you. Chaos would laugh.

Well, I have to go but I’ll be back. And take no notice of that picture. I’m much more handsome. Green, yes, but the eyes aren’t red and I don’t have any unsightly hair, anywhere. And, like any goblin, I’m much more rotund. Yes, I hear you sniggering, but it’s all muscle, as your ancestors discovered. Think, ah, think Shrek, but a head shorter and much rounder.

Goodbye humans. Unfortunately, I will be back.